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Multi Unit Inspections :

When it comes to multi unit residential properties, you can count on Eagle Eye to adequately and professionally take care of the inspection process. Our home inspectors have performed thousands of inspections on multi residential properties. We have experience, not only in the inspection procedure, but also in making sure we assess every perimeter and section of the property. A multi residential inspection will help in the following areas:

• The opportunity to be educated as to the specifics of each of the units.
• Peace of mind, knowing that the property is in livable and sound condition.
• Negotiate price reduction or repairs prior to closing escrow.
• Future needs. Customers can learn about potential maintenance and upkeep needs.
• A warranty of 30 days after the inspection.
• Continual support over the phone with an inspector to answer any questions you may have regarding the inspection report.

Federal and municipal laws have for a long time encourage and legislated fire and safety maintenance inspection laws, somewhere around once every three years. This is in an effort to minimize any hazards that may be present unbeknownst to owner or tenants. When purchasing a two and above unit property it is important to note that multi residential inspections are very important in ensuring tenants safety in the dwellings they are renting. A greater responsibility is placed on one who owns and rents multi residential property that one who owns and resides in a single family residence. For this reason Eagle Eye has created a team to meet the needs of those who are buying selling or maintaining a multi residential property. Our hand-picked inspectors will help you in conducting a general inspection of all the applicable areas of the property, inspecting each individual unit and their exterior perimeter, electrical, plumbing and heating services.  

• Exterior and structures
• Roof structure and covering
• Foundation
• Garages/carports/parking
• Heating and AC units
•Electrical system
• Plumbing and drainage
• Laundry room
• Safety and accessibility
• Interior rooms/kitchen/bathroom of each unit.
• Amenities and more

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