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Commercial inspections:

Commercial inspections are on a different scale than home property inspections in the sense that commercial properties cover a diversity of structure and component types. Commercial properties include, but may not be limited to,

• Office buildings, from one through whatever height the building may be.
• Multi dwellings such as apartments, hotel/motel, condominiums, lofts and more.
• Retail buildings, such as plazas, malls, market/grocery stores, convenience store and more
• Religious building such as churches, mosques, synagogues and much more.

Our commercial inspectors are well equipped and have the necessary experience to assist in giving clients a clear assessment as to the risks that may involve your investment and the repairs or evaluations that may be needed. The inspection report and the inspector will give the client as much information about the commercial property so that the client may be more comfortable in counting the cost.  

Along with the due customer service and commercial inspection experience the inspection service and report will include:

• Infrared (IR) thermal imaging, finding perhaps unseen conditions of concern.
• Detailed inspection report with a limitless amount of photos.
• An assessment of the amount of repairs and estimated cost.
• Continual customer support during the escrow period pertaining the inspection and the report.
• A 30 day warranty for the clients to perform due diligence in ensuring the findings.

Eagle Eye provides its inspection services to commercial investors, buyers, owners, real estate agents, attorneys and companies looking to relocate to other suitable locations. Whether you are looking to purchase an office building, apartments, medical building, religious or retail building, Eagle Eye is able to meet your inspection need at competitive rate and and schedule you at the date and time you need it.  

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