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Condo Inspections:

If you are one of the growing number of people opting to buy a condo, you should not consider the buying process any different than if you are buying a single family home, especially when it comes to the home inspection. Condo inspections are not to be considered as something of lesser value or need, simply because the property may be smaller in size or because some of the major components of the property and structure are handled by the homeowners association.

Condo prices are on a slow, but steady rise, and buyers gravitate toward high-priced units. Putting the condo and yourself as the buyer through the rigors of a home inspection will most certainly be worth the investment. Listed are a few of the benefits you will receive when scheduling an inspection on the condo you are looking to purchase or sell.

Some of the benefits you receive when having your property of interest inspected are, but not limited to,
• A through inspection of all the components and areas within the property, with a 30 day warranty after the inspection.
• Ongoing service after the inspection via phone or email to answer any question that may arise during the escrow period or after.
• You will have a clearer understanding of the property you are buying or selling.

With over 150,000 condominiums for sale all over the U.S. and many of those due to foreclosure, short sales and/or flips, you want to make sure the condo you are looking at is as livable and problem free as possible. Some of these condos may have had unruly defaulter owner who have stopped caring about the unit’s condition and failed to report or repair any faulty conditions that may represent a liability to the new owners in the near future. This is where protecting yourself with a home inspection really counts. You also want to protect yourself by hiring a fully equipped and competent inspection company to be on your side during the contingency process. The Eagle Eye Inspection team has inspected hundreds of inspections on condominiums throughout the years and are experienced and equipped to handle hundreds more. One of our skilled and professional home inspectors will guide you through the process, helping you to become acquainted with the condo you are wanting to call “home”. You will receive a detailed report with full color pictures, which will enable you to understand the findings and know their locations. Eagle Eye will also be there for you after the process is completed, our available inspectors will answer your calls and take care of any questions you may have regarding your inspection report.  

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