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Thermal imaging inspections:

Infrared or thermal imaging inspection are all about finding the problem before the problems reveals itself. Eagle Eye provides top of the line infrared inspection reports created by interNACHI trained inspectors. To list some, here are the benefits in having Eagle Eye inspector conduct a thermal imaging inspection.

A condition on the temperature changes throughout surfaces picked up by the infrared camera, along with an interpretation of the readings by the thermographer, on some of the following:

• Existing or developing leaks
• Possible safety concerns
• Possible heating and cooling losses
• Areas with possible reduced insulation areas
• Substandard moisture or condensation levels
• Hot points on electrical panels and subpanels

Eagle Eye sewer line inspectors use state of the art drain line inspection camera equipment that can reach through the entire sewer system of a property. A sewer line inspection will help remove any doubts you may have and will help you determine the exact location of the problem (if any). Whether it is a commercial or a residential home property Eagle Eye has you covered when it comes to a sewer line inspection.

A sewer line inspection will benefit you in the short and long term. Along with experience and due customer service you will receive

• A detailed inspection report of the findings on the main drain line with a limitless amount of photos and descriptions of the findings.

•  The inspector will explain client of any areas that may need immediate or future repairs.

•  This includes a warranty of 30 days after the inspection and much more.

If you are experiencing sewer line backup problems, don’t settle for anything less than a sewer line camera inspection to determine the most exact reason and location to the problem. Let Eagle Eye help you address the situation with an evaluation of the drainage before hiring a plumber for unneeded repairs.